MWC Advantage

  • Innovation – creation of better, more effective products, processes, services, technologies and ideas.
  • Integrity – concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles and outcomes.
  • Service – action in which an entity takes the responsibility that something desirable happens on the behalf of another entity.
Monterey Wine Company


  • Crossflow – polish bottling preparation
  • UltraFilter – varietal concentration, phenolic compound removal
  • Reverse Osmosis – VA correction, Alcohol Reduction

Vacuum Distillation

(In-House Affiliate, Creative Alcohol Solutions)

  • Alcohol adjustment to sweet spot or preferred tax bracket
  • Production of high quality grape spirits for:
    • Wine Additions
    • Production of Port, Vodka, Vermouth, etc.

Flash Détente

  • Evaporative removal of unwanted Pyrazine
  • Ready extraction of pigment, tannin, and character from skins
  • Stylistic blending component options

Business Hosting Facilities

  • Our guest winemaker area provides internet access, a landline telephone, and desk workspace along with blending bench.
  • Our conference room, atrium and private technical tasting room enables clients to conduct strategic meetings with suppliers, present programs to visiting customers, or host media contacts for product introductions and brand building.